Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 23.12268°S / 44.8819°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6037 ft / 1840 m
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Bocaina s region...
Pedra da Macela (1840m) is one of the highest peaks on Serra da Bocaina NP, localizaded in the south of this range. This mountain is localized near of the border of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo States.
Macela is sorrounded by others great mountains like Pico do Frade ( 1578m) and Pico da Boa Vista (2132m). This last one is the more highest on Bocaina NP. But Macela has the better overview to the seaside, like Baia da Ilha Grande and Paraty.

Getting There

Serra da Bocaina
Macela is in Cunha town, 241 Km from São Paulo and 292 Km from Rio de Janeiro.
Driving from São Paulo, take Via Dutra highway (BR 116) to Gauratinguetá (193Km from São Paulo) until Exit 65. And than, take the Cunha-Paraty (SP 171) road to Cunha.
From Rio de Janeiro take the Rio-Santos (BR 101) highway to Paraty (256Km from Rio). And than take Cunha-Paraty (SP 171) road to Cunha.


Road to Pedra da Macela
On the Cunha-Paraty road, Km65, starts the trail. In the first 4Km it’s possible go by car. After, there’s a gate and it's must have to walk more 2Km to get there. The trail is very steep, with moderate difficult. The trail has paving-stone. At in 1,2 Km at the left side, has the only source on all the way, with fresh water.


There’s good areas to camp all over the trail, included on the summit.

When to climb

Macela is an easy mountain to climb. The best season to go is in winter ( June to September). On spring and summer this region is very cloudy and swampy.