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Location Lat/Lon: 22.40309°S / 44.64363°W
Additional Information County: Itamonte/Resende
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8743 ft / 2665 m
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Pedra do Altar is the third highest mountain of Itatiaia National Park, localized in the heart of Itatiaia Plateau. Enclosed by great mountains, Pedra do Altar emerges like an “altar” by different views. With a peculiar geography, there aren’t forests surrounding this mountain, because it is on the Mantiqueira uplands. Pedra do Altarzinho ( 2510m ) is the close-by great mountain in the south side; Agulhas Negras ( 2791m ) is in the East side; looking to the SW, W and NW is possible to see great mountains like Prateleiras ( 2540m ) and Pico do Couto ( 2680m ) and adjacencies. There are two blocks on the summit forming the top and, a lot of untouched walls to climb, with hard routes. Pedra do Altar keep some legends about UFO’s in the 80’s, with majestic histories about lights and disappearances.
Pedra do Altar

Getting There

Pedra do Altar is inside Itatiaia National Park, and the way to go to this mountain is the same to all peaks of Itatiaia NP.

From Rio de Janeiro:

Drive by BR-116 ( Via Dutra Highway ) to South ( São Paulo ) and turn to the right in the exit 330 ( Estâncias Hidrominerais exit ). From São Paulo, drive by the same road ( BR-116 ) to the North ( Rio de Janeiro ) till the same exit ( 330 ).
After this, more 26 km up to the mountains till the boundary of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states, called Garganta do Registro – at 1670m. The land road to Itatiaia NP starts here, to the right, extending more 17 km to the trailhead of the great mountains of INP. The entrance of INP is the last parking place and, the distance of the trailhead to this point is 2,5 km to Abrigo Rebouças ( Rebouças Hut ) , at 2400m. After cross the bridge over Campo Belo River, behind Rebouças Hut, the trail goes to Agulhas Negras and Pedra do Altar. The trail to Altar is in the middle way of the main trail, turning to the left after little rock totens. The trail is easy and there aren’t troubles to get the summit. Ever time is possible to see the mountain. The first part, the rising is beside Altarzinho, surrounding the base of this massif and, after you cross this, some altitude fields will appear before the last ramp.

Map of how to getting in Itatiaia Natinal Park

Way to Rebouças HutWay to Pedra do Altar


The camping inside Itatiaia National Park is forbidden. There are some projects to create structures to accept mountaineers to stay overnight inside the INP perimeter. For the time being, just one place is legal to camping – Pousada Alsene - Phone : 55 02132-9981-1217.

Pousada Alsene

Red Tape

The only tax to pay is the daily to visit INP.

Itatiaia National Park Timetable:
Everyday, 07:00 to 17:00.

R$ 12,00 ( US$ 5,50 ) in 4/18/2006.

The Federal Guards will ask the visitors if they know the trails, if not, the guide is an obligation. Rules of 2006.
 Advanced cabin of Itatiaia...INP Entrance

When to Climb

The best season to go to INP is in Winter. The weather is driest than other months and, this is the coldest place in Brazil, reaching temperatures like –15°C with easiness.
Frozen MonthsPedra do Altar frozen

Mountain and Weather Conditions

Satellite - South America
Itamonte Forecast

See the forecasts and the satellite before the climbing.



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