Perfect Water

"Perfect water - the dark wind braids the waves ..
The crazed birds raid the trees. Is this our destiny?

To join our hands at sea - and slowly sink, and slowly think:
This is perfect water, passing over me ..."

Located at the base of a huge cirque at 9,110 ft, the south side of South
Willow Lake
is often buried beneath wintertime avalanches, while the north side remains virtually void of trees.

The lake's colour suggests there's a small glacier nearby, but this is NOT the case in the Stansbury Mountains. Two winters of intense snowfall combined with accumulated snow depths have contributed to (what appears to be) the formation of a permanent snowfield above and to the SW of the lake.

I was standing on the snowfield when I took this picture - the snowfield
measured 35' deep further up the mountain at the headwall.

In the end, we're left with Perfect Water - and more questions than we could ever IMAGINE ..

July 23, 2011


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