Peter Egger…

Grindelwald cemetery
Peter Egger was a first class “Pfadfinder” with many first ascents to his name. His death was less glorious. On November 14, 1881 there was construction work to be done at the Bergli hut. Peter Egger and other mountain guides were escorting workers to the hut. Due to a lot of fresh snow one man fell behind. In the dark Peter Egger set out to locate the man. He went with a home-made lamp, a candle in a broken bottle. Somehow there was an accident and Egger cut himself deep in his right hand. He lost too much blood and died before help arrived.

More reading:
Rubi, Rudolf: Im Tal von Grindelwald, Band II, Verlag Sutter Druck, Grindelwald, 1986.


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