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Location Lat/Lon: 47.60981°N / 12.24559°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5725 ft / 1745 m
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PetersköpflWinter at Kaisertal with view of Wilder Kaiser /Elmauer Halt (08-03-2009)

Petersköpfl is a not very prominent summit of the Zahmer Kaiser range which is part of the Kaisergebirge near Kufstein / Tirol. Towering high above the Inntal valley Zahmer Kaiser shows a interesting rockface to the north; Petersköpfl is the westernmost summit of this rock wall. It is an interesting aim for a winter or spring snow hike and can be easily summited during a peak bagging action in summer or autumn. The summit offers stunning views to the west and southwest and you can study the impressive northern rockwalls of Wilder Kaiser thoroughly.

Zahmer Kaiser is a south dipping karst plateau which is geologically spoken the north part of a east - west running geological syncline. The highest peaks of this plateau, Pyramidenspitze and Vordere Kesselschneid, are located in the eastern part of the range.

West of Petersköpfl the plateau looses its height of about 1700 m to 2000 m and submerges into the debris of Inntal valley north of Kufstein.

360 degree Petersköpfl summit panorama (08-03-2009)

Getting There

PetersköpflPetersköpfl winter ascent - view to the southwest (08-03-2009)

Zahmer Kaiser and thus Petersköpfl, too, is located east of Kufstein / Inntal valley and south of Walchsee valley, stretching from Ebbs / Inntal valley in the west to Kössen in the east.

Best trailhead is northern Kufstein at the lower end of Kaisertal, the valley between Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser. There are sufficient parking areas (fee required) for hikers.

Leave the highway A 93 (german part) / A 12 (austrian part), the Intal valley highway, at Kufstein Nord exit and follow the road number 175 about 1 km to the north. Turn right into Kaiserbach road at Eichelwang, the northern part of Kufstein. Before you cross Kaiserbach creek there are parking areas right and left of the road.

Two other trailheads are the villages of Oberndorf / Gasthof Schanze and Ebbs northeast of Kufstein. Follow road number 175 from Kufstein to the north (direction Kössen, Walchsee, Niederndorf); the first village is Oberndorf (you reach Gasthof Schanze before entering the village of Oberndorf), the next one is Ebbs.

The austrian part of Inntal valley highway is a toll road. You need a toll sticker. Actually (2008 / 2009) there are no controls of the toll stickers between the border and the exit Kufstein Süd (which includes the here recommended exit Kufstein Nord). As this regulation can be changed every day you can easily reach the trailheads from Germany without using the austrian part of the highway.

Leave the highway at the exit Oberaudorf, turn right on the road number St2093 / 172, cross the river Inn (and the german / austrian border). At Niederndorf, the first austrian village, follow the signposts to Kufstein to the right. You will reach Ebbs, Oberndorf / Gasthof Schanze and then Eichelwang / Kufstein on road 175.

Red Tape & Mountain Conditions

PetersköpflInntal valley overlook (08-03-2009)

Red Tape

Using the austrian part of the Inntal valley highway you need a toll sticker (see the actual regulations mentioned above).

The parking areas at Kaisertal are with costs. Pay the fee at the restaurant "Basislager" where the trail into Kaisertal starts.

Zahmer Kaiser and Kaisertal valley are a nature protection area. There are no entrance fees but several regulations which are signposted at the entrances of the protected sites.

Mountain Conditions

Petersköpfl is a whole years hike. In winter and spring only the Kaisertal ascents are accessible for hikers. The mountain roads are normally cleared from snow. There is nearly always a foot track from Vorderkaiserfelden to Petersköpfl.
Snowshoe hikers and ski hikers have more possibilities during those seasons. Petersköpfl is not a very frequented ski summit. Ski hikers climb Pyramidenspitze or Elfer- / Zwölferkogel and use Eggersgrinn, a steep northern chute or the south slopes at Hinterkaiserfelden Alm for downhill.

You need normal hiking gear for day hikes. In winter gaiters and poles are a good choice.

Routes & Trails

PetersköpflView to the west from below the summit (08-03-2009)

Kaisertal ascents to Vorderkaiserfelden

From the parking area follow trail number 801 steep up to the supply road for Kaisertal and to Veitenhof, a nice restaurant in Kaisertal. About 500 m after Veitenhof there is a trail junction:

Use the trail leaving the supply road to the left. It ascends the south slope of Zahmer Kaiser - western part - and arrives at the meadows of Rietzau and the Rietzaualm (food and accomodations; private hut).

You can stay at the above mentioned trail junction on the supply road and follow the road to Pfandlhof (a hotel in Kaisertal), Antoniuskapelle, a chapel with a famous view to the steep rockwalls of Wilder Kaiser, and Hinterkaiser. At Hinterkaiser use the road diverging to the left and climbing up to Rietzaualm.

At the third switchback of the supply road between Hinterkaiser and Rietzau there is a trail diverging to the right and directly leading up to Vorderkaiserfelden.

From Rietzaualm follow the supply road to Vorderkaiserfelden.

All ascents offer great views to the impressive rockwalls of Wilder Kaiser.

Northern ascents to Vorderkaiserfelden

At Gasthaus Schanze near Oberndorf there is a trail zigzagging steeply up the northern rockface of Zahmer Kaiser to the meadows of Rietzau and Rietzaualm. Not recommended in winter and spring.

Southeast of Ebbs, at Feldberg / Heubach, trail number 811 starts its ascent to Vorderkaiserfelden, using an interruption in the northern rockwall of Zahmer Kaiser. Not recommended in winter and spring.

Summit ascent

From Vorderkaiserfelden simply follow the trail of the southwest slope of Petersköpfl up to the summit.
PetersköpflNaunspitze from Petersköpfl ascent (08-03-2009)

Variations and loops

Naunspitze, a rock spire west of Petersköpfl, can be easily summited from the Petersköpfl ascent.

From Petersköpfl summit a trail follows shortly the south rim of the karst plateau and then descends the south slopes to Hinterkaiserfelden Alm. A level trail to the west brings you back to Vorderkaiserfelden, thus forming a nice little loop.

Another trail north of Petersköpfl summit, follows the karst plateau to the east, traversing Einserkogel, Zwölferkogel and Elferkogel with the destination Pyramidenspitze. Recommended in summer, autumn and for ski or snowshoe hikers in winter and spring. This is the "peak baggers route" (at least seven summits available).

Accomodations & Maps

PetersköpflSnow - buried Vorderkaiserfelden hut (08-03-2009)


Kufstein and the surrounding villages have many accomodations of all sorts. For a general overlook use the Kaisertal web page.

Camping sites are at Thiersee west of Kufstein and at Walchsee north of Zahmer Kaiser. Use this overview for a first approach.

There are many restaurants in the surrounding valleys and in Kaisertal for food and drinks.

The following mountain club huts are next to Petersköpfl / Zahmer Kaiser:

Stripsenjochhaus (at the connecting col between Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser)
Hinterbärenbad / Anton Karg Haus - and nearby
Kaisertalhaus / Hans-Berger-Haus, both in the Kaisertal.


Alpenvereinskarte 1 : 25.000
Blatt Nr. 8


Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation Bayern
Topographische Karte 1 : 50.000
Blatt UKL 7 - Chiemsee und Chiemgauer Alpen

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