Photo Trip Report: Canyonlands National Park March 15-17

Photo Trip Report: Canyonlands National Park March 15-17

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Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Mar 15, 2010

March 15 2008

March 15

Today was the first on our trip to Canyonlands National Park. For this trip we visited the White Rim in the Island in the Sky section. Our first hike of the day was to Fort Bottom, the Moqui Butte ruins and the Outlaw Cabin. It was a fantastic hike.

In the afternoon Kessler and I scrambled the semi-technical Holeman Slot. It is a short but nice slot with some challenging scrambling.

Fort Bottom ButtePart of the trail out to Fort Bottom Butte.

Fort Bottom TrailThis is the narrow section of the Fort Bottom Trail.

Fort Bottom ButteThe summit of Fort Bottom Butte is above. It is a low but interesting climb with a well preserved indian ruin on the summit (visible in the photo). The ancient Anasazi used to use the butte as a lookout.

Outlaw CabinAt the base of Fort Bottom Butte is the historic Outlaw Cabin which was built in the late 1800's.

Summit of Fort Bottom ButteThis is the summit of Fort Bottom Butte. The Anasazi built this lookout tower on top of this class 3 peak about 900 years ago.

Holeman SlotKessler scrambles through the Holeman Slot along the White Rim.

In the Holeman SlotKessler scrambling through the Holeman Slot.

Candlestick TowerThis is the Candlestick Tower in Canyonlands National Park. It looks like an interesting climb.

March 16 2008

After camping at Murphy Hogback, Kessler, Shaylee, Kim and I did the rugged hike down into the Monument Basin on a cold day. There was much scrambling up to class 3 and we had to lift Shaylee up some places. Monument Basin is one fascinating place. We also viewed Soda Springs Basin, but did not climb in.

Interesting rock towerAn interesting rock tower near the White Crack.

More huge rock towersSome of the huge rock towers near the White Crack.

White CrackLooking south from near the White Crack on the White Rim. Notice Standing Rock and Chimney Rock in the far background.

Junction ButteJunction Butte as viewed under cloudy and cold skies.

One of my favorite climbsJunction Butte is probably one of my favorite climbs. This is Junction Butte as viewed from the west.

Soda Spings BasinSoda Springs Basin.

Soda Springs BasinLooking over the expansive Soda Springs Basin.

Monument BasinInside Monument Basin on March 16 2008. The rock provided some protection from the cold wind.

Monument BasinThe beautiful Monument Basin.

Monument BasinMonument Basin.

Standing on top of an archStanding on top of an arch at the rim of Monument Basin

TowerOne of the countless huge rock towers in Monument Basin.

CoachingKessler coaches his Mom on our 3rd class route out of Mounument Basin. The steepest part is just to the right of the photo.

Later that day we explored the North Fork of Buck Canyon. The lower end was easy and the upper end had some interesting scrambling though a tunnel. We passed the children up the tunnel on the way back.

Monster and the WomanMonster Tower (left) and Washer Woman (right) as viewed from the head of Buck Canyon.

Hiking Buck CanyonHiking Buck Canyon.

Buck CanyonBuck Canyon.

March 17 2008

After camping near the Airport Tower (rock tower) Kessler, Shaylee, Kim and I visited Musselman Arch and hiked the Walking Rocks. After that we did some shorter hikes along the Potash Road (near Moab) before returning home.

Musselman ArchKessler, Shaylee and Kim walk across the Musselman Arch, a sort of causeway in the sky.

Maze like canyonsMisty skies. The upper end of Musselman Canyon has many maze-like drainages.

Colorado RiverThe Colorado River as viewed from the end of the "Walking Rocks".

Dinosaur TrackOne of the many Dinosaur tracks along the Colorado River between Potash and Moab.

PetroglyphsOne of the many petroglyph panels along the Colorado River between Potash and Moab.


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