2003 Denali hoax? 1906 Denali hoax Dr. Fred Cook

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Re: 2003 Denali hoax? 1906 Denali hoax Dr. Fred Cook

by Vitaliy M. » Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:44 pm

When we were there my partner and I thought it would be a lot better to go from 14 and back, but since our team was established before, other guys would not want to do that, and we had a pre set agreement we went to 17K camp. On the summit day my partner and I passed a bunch of people and only people that were going with us were an Italian couple (both of them were mountain guides back in Italy). Amazingly nice people. They started from 14K camp. We were barely keeping up with them. The guy was in front, strong like a horse. They got to the top about a minute earlier and were pretty surprised that we were able to keep up. We were first people up there that day, it was awesome. After we came down from that summit ridge there was a LINE of people coming up to football field.
Now I realize how many good memories I have to look back at. Being there was awesome and meeting some of those pros. Also met guys who did the fastest ascent of Cassin ridge (we took their butter), and your friend Colin, who wanted to get the fastest Cassin ascent but did not get the weather conditions. Met a lot of other interesting people too.....eh, need to get strong and go back to that range some day.


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