Adirondacks Help - Coucsachraga to Seward

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Adirondacks Help - Coucsachraga to Seward

by shortyski13 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:23 pm

I'm working on the 4000 footers and was looking at how somewhat close the Santanoni and Seward ranges are. I'm wondering if it is possible to connect them by going down to the valley between them to the Cold River, without ripping holes in my pack from tight excessive bushwacking. I've read a couple people bushwacking down to the Cold River along some stream beds from Couchsachraga. I haven't read much about how to get up to the Seward Range (probably up Emmons first). I'm really looking for more info on this, the feasibility, route planning, and any general help. Here are my constraints:
-Hoping for a 3 day backpacking trip, but can push it to 4 (out and back)
-I don't care which direction we travel
-I don't want to rip my pack and tent to shreds (worried about tight bushwacking and getting through with packs). Perhaps wrapping the packs in tarps would help a little.
-I'd like to do this in the shortest distance possible, but realize a straight shot is most likely not going to happen. I'm stating this because I don't reallllly want to go up the NP Trail, around to the north of the Sewards, then hike south to the summits, if I don't have to. Plus this wouldn't be as fun :-P
Anyone have any advice? Should I just scrap the idea and hike those ranges "the normal way"?


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Re: Adirondacks Help - Coucsachraga to Seward

by Puma concolor » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:06 pm

Three to four days is plenty of time to do all 7 peaks you want "the normal way" without turning your trip into a potential misadventure. Of course, your proposed short cut is "possible" but it isn't one I'd be excited about attempting even without a loaded backpack.

Twenty something years ago, when I was a bit speedier than I am now, I did the Santanoni Range as an 11 hour round trip. Revisited Santanoni and Panther as a dayhike a handful of years ago via the "new old trail" after a State land purchase, but left off Couchsachraga. Was a pretty straightforward dayhike ... maybe 8 hours or so. So that's one day.

Seymour, Seward, Emmons and Donaldson make a nice two day trip and give you the chance to get in a little backpacking. Set up camp near the one of the lean-tos along the Ward Brook Trail. After setting up camp, bang out Seymour on the same day. Next day you can hit Seward, Emmons and Donaldson and pack out. Done and done.

Listbagging and backpacking aren't mutually exclusive and I admire your spirit in trying to make it a purer trip. But them there woods are thick and have gobbled up some mighty egos over the years.

Good luck.
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Re: Adirondacks Help - Coucsachraga to Seward

by Bark Eater » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:14 pm

I agree with Puma. The spruce thickets up there are really thick. Avoid the bushwhack. Santanonis are a reasonable day trip for someone fit. If you are a stud, you can rest for a day and then get in all four Sewards in a day. Most of us would approach the Sewards as Puma suggests above. I think my RT time for the three Santanonis was about 12 hours, and about the same for the three Sewards. Seymour from the trailhead was about 8 hours RT. Good luck!

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