Big Summits in Valle D'Aosta (Monte Bianco, Matterhorn, etc)

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Big Summits in Valle D'Aosta (Monte Bianco, Matterhorn, etc)

by Galileo » Thu Jun 23, 2022 11:36 pm

Hello all,

Living in Valle D'Aosta for the next few weeks at least, and would love to find partners for some big summits. I'll be headed up the Gran Paradiso next Wednesday June 29th, and will be in the area at least until the 11th of July, and could be flexible through the 21st. I have my eye on the Italian ascent of Monte Bianco, as well as the standard Italian route of the Matterhorn.

I'm relatively new to trad/alpine, but have led through AD+ or so easily, so I feel like everything is well within my ability. Most of my alpine experience has come soloing, which I have through 5.4/PD+ or so, and am experienced moving in high elevation alpine environments. My biggest knock is I don't have much glacier experience, or that I don't have a rack, rope, or car, but I have everything else I'd need for myself, and would be more than happy to pay for food/gas/lodging.

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