Bison, Marmot CWM or eastern europe?

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Bison, Marmot CWM or eastern europe?

by squidman » Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:04 pm

Hi, new to the forum :)

Looking at a winter bag, either bison or marmot cwm. Thing is, the cwm is substantially cheaper...and as I live in Norway, with roughly 50 bucks in shipping and 25% VAT (sales tax) on top of both, price becomes important. On the other hand, I've learned (especially when -25c in the tent) that sleeping bags are not an item to skimp on. Anyone tried both? Seeing as the marmot is around 300 usd cheaper online? The polish link is here, does custom bags, but a bit sceptical...still waiting on a quote (, looking at a custom bag with 1500g down fill - likely at 1/3rd the price of the other two..

Any other creative ideas links welcome (yes tried 2 cheapish sleeping bags inside one another, refilling an old down bag by hand, etc - but weight even with a pulk becomes and issue) - links to chinese/balkan manufacturers, others (CZ?) etc? The main cost I assume is labour cost regarding bags...

Usage is for rando-trips of about a week (basecamp and daytrips), and crossing hardangervidda (both in Norway). Temps can get down to around -30, but not lower. I tend to sleep cold, and don't as a rule fire up the stove in the tent except in emergencies..

Many thanks

Edit - yes feathered friends and Vaude are also possibilites...anyone had bags shipped internationally? Shame if they're compressed for 4 weeks and so on...
Edit 2 - a local shop wil sell me a bison for 7k nok, which is only around 100 bucks more than importing myself...and they maintain the marmots are substantially inferior (normal price for a bison here is around 10k NOK or 1775 USD - i.e. could vacation in the US, buy bag, and still save money).

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