catskills devils path

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catskills devils path

by Catskillhiker » Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:11 am

My goal this year is to climb all the peaks on and near the devils path, plus the two that were on the proposed extension

Twin (climbed), sugerloaf, Indian head, plateau, hunter(climbed befor, not this year), southwest hunter(climbed befor not this year), west kill, north-dome(proposed), Sherill(proposed)whats the best way to approach this goal keeping in mind that i am only day tripping this year, and i do have some back country navigation skills

climbed twin and twiked my acl in a bad way on the way down, was trying to rush to get twin with indian in 4 hours, failed at twin

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John Duffield

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by John Duffield » Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:49 pm

It's tough doing it by yourself. Not having a car at one end. Last year, I got messed up. Came out of the Tombstone to walk back to the car. The plan was, to shoot a series of 'whacks on the way back. Got too late to see in the dense woods. Ended up walking about 15 extra miles on pavement so I could see the way.

I'd use the time-tested dump-a-bike-in-the woods at one end, drive back to the other end TH. Don't want to rush this. I've had some sort of issues, Black Toes, Blisters, something nearly everytime. This is another place not to take light hikers. Full Nav gear. There are places where the trail is well marked and places where it splits off into false trails, old trails etc. Taken the wrong way more than once. Epic results.

edited to add: This is a worthwhile goal. We've had this discussion before here and I think it is the toughest trail in the East. Tougher even than Escarpment or Cathedral (Katahdin). There is a place where you actually are in a chimney, using stemming techniques. In April, there was a section, I would've gone over to crampons had I had them.

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