Climbing the Aleutian Range? (mount Veniaminof)

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Climbing the Aleutian Range? (mount Veniaminof)

by akanger » Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:27 am

Trying to find beta on Mount Veniminof and have been unsuccessful. It very well may be a virgin peak. If anyone out there is interested in roping up and giving this ultra prominent active stratovolcano a shot let me know. Any info at all is appreciated ( nieghboring peaks ect...)

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Jesus Malverde

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Re: Climbing the Aleutian Range? (mount Veniaminof)

by Jesus Malverde » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:08 am

You ask an interesting question. I realize this may not be much help, but here goes:
Early references ( indicate that Bernard R. Hubbard (aka "the Glacier Priest") was in the area in 1930.
It would not be suprising if Hubbard made a first ascent.
If you haven't already dug through it, this list of online documents may provide some additional clues as to possible ascents, but obviously requires some digging/research. It looks like much of the stuff is geology/glaciology oriented. But then again, many geologists/glaciologists climb the mountains they study. There may be a reference in there somewhere on ascent date(s) and route(s). ... Veniaminof

Hopefully somebody out there has more specific answers.
FWIW, it's been years since I've read Hubbard's Aleutian exploration book, but I recall it was interesting reading (it seems hard to find decent early climbing/exploration books on the Aleutians that are easy to read ). Interesting read by an interesting character. Worth it if you get the chance.
Good luck!

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Steve Gruhn

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Re: Climbing the Aleutian Range? (mount Veniaminof)

by Steve Gruhn » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:22 pm

I believe that Bernard Hubbard and R. Chisholm made the first recorded ascent in 1930. You might check out Hubbard's book, Mush, You Malamutes.

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Jesus Malverde

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