dirt cheap digs between sugarbowl and reno??

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dirt cheap digs between sugarbowl and reno??

by rlshattuck » Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:41 am

I was planning on staying at the CAL LODGE, but that's booked. Luckily my ride is staying in RENO so after a day of skiing, I will just go with her, into Reno. I am reluctant (haven't met her yet) to ask or otherwise hint at the subject of me, staying with her at her friend's place . . . and so the search begins. Or should I just bring the winter bag?

The Cal Lodge is only $25 . . . I think a room at the boreal inn is a whopping $90 and the last time I looked in Truckee the guy at the counter casually said, "that'll be $235* debit or credit?" . . .


*something over $200 . . . for a friggin' late night arrival

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