Easier Climbing Plans Page?

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Easier Climbing Plans Page?

by Castlereagh » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:58 am

So PnP is dead. RIP. Husker mentioned in the other thread some comparisons of this SP to 14ers.com. Both great mountain sites I frequent daily. 14ers.com has a very narrow focus but is great for what it does focus on. SP is great for everything else, every other hill mountain or molehill in the world.

What I do notice is that on 14ers.com it is much easier to find someone to climb with. There's a specific forum for it, all you do is say "hey, i feel like climbing blah on this day, anyone else in the area feel free to join." I've looked at the Plans/Partners section a few times; everything there looks vague, esoteric, and outdated.

Being someone who lives out east and makes only an annual trip out west I do not have the opportunity like some of you folks to climb with the same people in the same area. This has led me to solo all of my first 14ers and other peaks, including a mid-September jaunt on Pyramid Peak in Colorado for my first big mountain class 3/4 experience. This past summer I used 14ers.com and met up with some pretty cool people; I hitched a ride with one of the Mods there to American Basin (which is unaccessable to my Camry) and joined his group for a beer, bratwurst, and tiki torch party on top of Handies as part of his and his brothers' 14er finisher. I joined 3 others for a climb of North Maroon, including a dude from Montreal who was in the latter portion of a 58 14ers in 58 days marathon.

My point is, while the Elves are busy reformatting and revamping the forums, is it too much to have an easier and more accessable Climbing Plans forum? There's probably reasons it's currently limited now, and I don't feel like digging up old threads to find those reasons. I understand that the Elves probably don't want to clog up the regional forums, but would it be impossible to separate each regional forum into a General Questions and a Climbing Plans section?

Just throwing my two cents out there. In lieu of PnP, happy climbing everyone

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