For Sale: Salomon Mountain Guide 9 Boots: $65 + Shipping

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For Sale: Salomon Mountain Guide 9 Boots: $65 + Shipping

by MtnGoat » Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:05 pm

Salomon Mountain Guide 9 Mountaineering/Ice Climbing Boots. I’ve had these boots for many years and they are still in excellent shape. I also have one extra lace, in the event one slices a lacing with crampon.

$65 plus shipping. Check or money order ok, when it clears. I do not process VISA or PayPal.

You can read a lot about the Guide 9s online. The most outstanding feature of this true leather boot is the adjustable inner instep liner that is there to adjust the fit and snug down your instep (if you wish), prior to lacing. Some called this an inner boot in the “old days”, but it is not an inner boot in the sense of what you find in a plastic boot. This feature is sewn into the boot and has it’s own pull-up lace that controls the tension and is secured by velcro. To take the boot off, you release the inner lace tab from the velco, pull up on the tongue and the system comes loose for removing the boot.

For myself, my left foot is snugged down via inner boot, while my right foot is “not”, prior to lacing to accommodate the higher arch I have in my right foot.

The foot frame is “not” like the classic LaSportiva Nepal Top narrow foot. This shoe has a wider forefoot and toe box than that. It is very similar to, tho “lightly” wider in the forefoot than the new style LaSportive Tango Extreme footbed. It is not as elongated as the Asolos.

Now I do not have a wide foot, it is medium width, but in the forefoot I do like a bit more room. Boots with chisel toes are killers for me.

This boot is sizing: Euro 44, American 9.5 UK 10.5, but Salomon’s sizing are very misleading.

I am “mostly” a 9.5 shoe size depending on mfg. But I find the Euro 42.5-43 size in most all my shoes and boots is what actually fits my foot.
In my Garmont Tower GTXs: 42.5, size 9 (this are VERY tight on me with minimal sock for precision work. I should be wearing the Euro 43 in “this” boot)
In my Asolo Ice Masters: 42.5, size 9 (fits me well, but feels a tad bit long)
In my Salomon Mtg Guides: Euro 44, size 9.5 ( with room for big warm socks)
In my LaSportiva Trango Extreme EVO: Euro 42.5, size 9.5 US Mens (some room for warmer socks, not as much as in the Guide9)
In my LaSportiva Boulder X: 42.5 (can’t make out the US size on the label)
In my 5-10 Grandstones: Euro 43, size 10 (but I don’t crush my feet into rock shoes like some folks, and I wear a thin sock. These are comfortable to wear all day)
In my Nike running shoes: Euro 43, Size 9.5
In my street shoes: Euro 43, size 9.5

You can see there there is quite a variety in sizing by mfg, but I’d say if you have a Euro 42.5-43, or/and 9.5, the boot should fit.

Attached are tracing of my feet to get a general idea of the shape. It’s hard to be accurate with tracings but the length is about 25.6 cm. Width about 10.3-10.5, Width at heel about 6 cm - depending on how one holds the pen tho.

For myself, I have not found a mountaineering boot that fits me better. I also typically use flat shoe laces which allow far more adjustment and hold adjustment than the popular round laces.

I typically ice climbed with these boots and did some alpine mountaineering. For Spring/Fall alpine, I just use my Garmont Towers. The Guide 9s have better feel and control on ice than any of my other boots, except the Towers. They protect well for multi-day bashing your feet into rock hard ice.

Why sell the boot? Cuz I’m getting rid of stuff I won’t use anymore. I’d get rid of the Asolo Ice Masters too, but my son wants the boots. I don’t like in the Rockies anymore and I’ve lost the desire to climb.
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