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FS: Misc Climbing Gear

by fluffhead555 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:33 am

I have decided to get rid of a few pieces of protection that I dont carry anymore, and a few carabiners that I recently poured money into phasing out for weight reduction purposes. My preferred method of contact is via email at luke.maddux@gmail.com.

None of the gear listed below has ever been dropped, nor has it ever been shock-loaded in any way (i.e. falling, partial anchor failure, etc.), and has been kept in a climate-controlled environment and away from any kind of chemicals or direct sunlight. All equipment is 5-7 years old and has been carried on a harness at least some. Therefore there will be signs of surface scratching and other cosmetic imperfections. The Camalot probably shows the lease cosmetic wear, followed by the tri-cams (which i stopped carrying in 2006). The Carabiners, for all intents and purposes, have been hanging from my harness on every climb ive ever been on. You should expect these to look like seasoned, used carabiners with scratches to show for it. All that being said, up until today, when i decided to buy some smaller, lighter lockers to replace these with, they were an integral part of my rack and i was frequently hanging my ass off of each one with no fear of failure.

SOLD 00 Black Diamond Camalot C3 (the purple one)
Condition: Carried extensively, placed only ONCE, never weighted
Price: $35.00

Set of 6 Nylon-sling CAMP Tricams (0.5 - 3 ; a.k.a. Pink, Red, Brown, Purple, Blue, Black)
Condition: Carried Infrequently, Placed RARELY (MAYBE one time each), never weighted
Price: $60.00 for the set or $15.00 each (trying to create incentive to buy the whole thing here...)

Four Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner Locking Carabiners

Condition: Carried Extensively, Used Extensively for tying in via a Clove Hitch, Used frequently for belaying via a Munter Hitch, Used rarely for belaying via a Petzl Reverso in Auto-Locking Mode, Used some as the hot spot for a slingshot-style toprope anchor
$20.00 for all four. No individual purchasing.

Two Black Diamond Rocklock Locking Carabiners

Condition: Carried Extensively, Used Extensively for belaying via a traditional device while attached to a harness, Used very rarely for any other locking-biner applications, show signs of polishing where the rope slides around the carabiner, but little to no signs of groove-cutting
$10.00 for both. No individual purchasing

Metolius Competition Chalk Bag (Flames Patterned Fabric)
Condition: Never Used. Stored in a chalky box so not retail-shop cleanliness but certainly not stained. Includes waste belt with plastic clip-style buckle.
Price $5.00 or FREE with purchase of 20.00 or more other equipment.

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