FS: Some good backpacks

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FS: Some good backpacks

by stormwolf » Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:52 pm

OK, I went a bit overboard and collected some packs over the last few years. I have way too many packs and I am not using the ones that I am posting here. If you are interested and think you can use them, take them off my hands and enjoy!

I am in Canada, and all prices are in CAD. So those of you in the US will save further due to the exchange rate. I will have to charge extra for shipping though (TBD ..we can work that out if you are interested. It will be just shipping charges and not S&H or anything crazy like that).

Cilogear 30 - USA made...one off 30L pack, rare , constructed with some ballistic material to make it even stronger- SOLD
Cilogear 45 - USA made...One of the best alpine packs ever. SOLD
Arc'teryx Bora 80 - size L - Made in Canada, excellent condition 120 CAD
Mystery Ranch 3DAP - USA made. Great zombie apocalypse bug out bag. This will survive aliens, zombies and other invasions from crazy lovecraftian dimensions.... 300 CAD

I can send you more details if you wish.. Let me know

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