gear left in icebox canyon

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gear left in icebox canyon

by mattyj » Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:38 pm

Unfortunately I managed to snag a rope while pulling for the last rappel on the north pass route into icebox canyon. I suppose in an ideal world I would have prusiked back up to free it, but given the remoteness of the area, uncertainty about how/where it was stuck and limited self-rescue skills of my partner, I decided the prudent choice was to cut the snagged rope (we needed it for lower in the canyon) and fix the other strand at the final rap station for a single-rope rappel.

There's now a good condition 60m 8.5mm half rope hanging from the anchor, and 2/3 of another one above if anyone makes it out before the elements gets to them. As I feel bad about leaving this stuff in the wild, I'm also willing to send beer money to anyone who schleps it out while doing the canyon - just send me a PM or email.

R2 (the short one) has no hanger, just a bolt with a dyneema sling tied loosely to it. I'd recommend bringing a spare dyneema sling (1/2" webbing is probably too wide to fit over the bolt) and tying it off in a slipknot or girth hitch, since the one that's there just lifts right off if you bump it.

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