herniated back disc

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herniated back disc

by rikhikhadka » Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:33 am

Many people suffer from back pain. They might be due to the herniated back disc. Well you might be unfamiliar with the herniated dis, generally our backbone is made of combination of different bones called spongy disc. Its's main function is that it acts as a shock absorber to make our spine flexible. We human have herniated disc in necks well and in our spine also. Those disc makes pain in your back or spine. It is caused mainly, http://www.totaldiscreplacement.com/conditions/disc-herniationas you grow older and due to friction or tear. Another cause might be the accident which may cause tear or crack in your disc. The main symptom is the pain in lower buttock. Due to break down of disc it might press the nerve and it might cause more problem. So to overcome the problem you must diagnose by the doctor. If you have back pain then you must hurry , you might be suffering from it. Generally this problem will vanish with time, it might take 1 month to 6 month. But some people might get surgery also. so timely diagnose might keep you away from surgery. It can be prevented by regular exercise, controlling weight, leaving smoking.
This can also be prevented by have good posture while sleeping. So don't waste time and consult a doctor if you have any pain in lower back, who knows it might be herniated disc which is causing the pain.

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