Hiking/Climbing in Colombia update

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Hiking/Climbing in Colombia update

by ncst » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:52 pm

Just wanted to share that, if anyone is going there (especially in the south), consider that currently:

- Some ten national parks are closed because of fires (I was shown that fax from the ministry of environment by a ranger, which dated the 7 January, by the end of February they were still closed...

- Volcán Galeras is closed for climbing because of recent activity...

- Parque Nacional Los Nevados: no summitting allowed: El Niño has shattered the glaciers, no body is allowed to go up. In any case, you are always obliged to go up with a guide (agencies in Manizales), although you can get 200m from the top on a tourist tour...

- At official tourist information offices (I'm thinking of three states I was in the south), I was told that without a guide, I would definitely get lost, for sure, no doubt, that I would die if I'd go alone, etc.

I don't have detailed info on the north. But I know Tayrona is open, so is Cocuy.

If things would have changed by know, I'd appreciate a post, thanks.

Still had a great time in Colombia, and might go back, but I now kind of know why it isn't a such a hotspot on the climbers map, and Ecuador is!

Greetings from Ecuador, Nic

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by RoyJamieson » Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:29 am

It's just this year that there's been a problem with drought and fires.
Last year was excellent and who's to say next year won't be ok.
Unfortunately climatic conditions impact in many countries.
In many ways I'm glad Colombia isn't overrun with O/S hikers etc, because it means there's more space for me to keep enjoying the place.

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