How was Your weekend?

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How was Your weekend?

by Velebit » Sun Dec 01, 2002 2:57 pm

I thought this would be an interesting Sunday evening topic, after we all return from our weekend activities. If you wish we can share here where we went. Would be interesting to me and I hope to the rest of You also.

For example I did not go to mountains this weekend because weather was not good but I spent day on the waterfalls of river Krka, which were amazing, so much water!


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Craig Peer

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by Craig Peer » Sun Dec 01, 2002 6:27 pm

Well, I stayed home and finished my climbing video shot in the High Sierra last summer, and scanned a bunch of photos for my Torre Sur page. And chain sawed fire wood since winter is coming. Not too exciting but it had to be done ( plus it was Thanksgiving weekend here )! Craig

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by cruzit » Sun Dec 01, 2002 6:27 pm

I'm betting that most of the U.S members spent the weekend eating turkey and watching football...It was our Thanksgiving holiday.

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Diego Sahagún

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by Diego Sahagún » Sun Dec 01, 2002 6:45 pm

Well, my sunday started good because I went with 2 women to the mountains. But we have had bad weather, it was always rainy with fog as far as 80 meters. We wanted to climb Pinareja (2.196 m / 7,205 ft) and Oso (2.194 m / 7,198 ft), see Peñalara page, both summits of La Mujer Muerta; but once over Collado de Tirobarra, at a height of 2.015 m / 6,611 ft, with snow almost to our knees, my partners decided to descend. I wanted to push forward to Pinareja but they hadn't any place to take refuge from the rain, so we all decided to descend to the car. Another posibility was to give them the keys of the car so they could wait me in it, but it didn't bother me to descend because I've climbed those peaks many times, and the mountains will always be there in order to be climbed.

Also very much water everywhere Sasa!

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by asmrz » Mon Dec 02, 2002 2:02 am

Spend the four days in Joshua Tree with 18 friends and members of local Los Angeles based climbing club. It rained a bit every day., but I managed to climb 21 routes, mostly in and around Indian Cove. I just got home, fired up the PC, to see what's new. Well that's what I did. No Thanksgiving Dinner festivities for us, just good climbing and good company. Those two always go together.

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Brian Jenkins

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by Brian Jenkins » Mon Dec 02, 2002 2:24 am

Spent Friday hiking up a smaller mountain but great views of the Cascades. Then spent 2 days over at Smith Rock climbing. Not too shabby of a Thanksgiving weekend.

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Bob Burd
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Re: How was Your weekend?

by Bob Burd » Mon Dec 02, 2002 3:05 am

Lots of turkey, no football. Do other climbers actually watch football?
One nice day of hiking in a remote part the California desert overlooking the Salton Sea. 20mi/8000ft/2 peaks/10hrs including 2hrs rain/0 other hikers. Then some more turkey afterwards. :)

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by Michele » Mon Dec 02, 2002 3:13 am

I spent my weekend bouncing off the walls, wanting to climb so badly...but I had to stay in town for my father's birthday. The good news is that I will be in Yosemite this week to do some routes recommended by our one and only, Bob Burd a.k.a. snwburd, then I will be heading to Lover's Leap over the weekend. Life is good!

Alois and Brian - both your weekends sound like heaven!

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by Romain » Mon Dec 02, 2002 5:16 am

No turkey, no football here. Went skiing in Squaw - no crowds, the snow a bit icy but manageable, the weather gorgeous. Still pondering some mountaineering ideas for next weekend, a friend of mine is coming to town and I want to show him the Sierra....

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William Marler

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by William Marler » Mon Dec 02, 2002 11:17 am

Played in a Hockey tournment. Played one game Friday night, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. We I need some rest. Maybe some climbing next week... snowing here. Cheers

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by mntnrmichael » Mon Dec 02, 2002 11:46 am

I went home for the weekend, and spent it with my parents, sister, and visiting grand parents. Full of turkey and all the sides, celebrated my father’s birthday, and most important, I did not make the mistake of over eating.

I also got the family tree, and that is the closest I got to a mountain…the forest. Over all very good.

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by climber21 » Mon Dec 02, 2002 12:39 pm

I had a good Thanksgiving feast that lasted several hours. I don't think it's gluttony to over eat a couple times out of the year, so i filled up on turkey and smoked ham and different kinds of dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean cassarole, and i actually learned to like cranberries this Thanksgiving. Then for dessert i had pumpkin pie and apple pie and pecan pie and i forgot the rest. It was good!!

I didn't get to go to the mountains this weekend, but the day before Thanksgiving i got back from a good hiking trip. We hiked the last 14 miles in 2 hours and 35 minutes, and most of it was uphill, and i had a 50 pound pack on. I think that's some sort of record for me. We did run part of it, but i don't know how good that is on joints in the long-term to run with a fifty pound pack on.

This weekend i spent a lot of time learning how to get pictures on SP, so now i've got a few pictures of the Mexican volcanoes, and i might put a few more on today. It's pretty cool.

Velebit - This was a good idea. =-)

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by gacland » Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:12 pm

I had to go into Portland for Thanksginving and to see family and friends. Then the rest of the weekend was spent hiking Neah-Kah-Nie (once every day) to keep working on healing my feet. Hope to be doing some bigger hikes and climbs soon.

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by AlexeyD » Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:30 pm

nearly froze my ass off in the coldest Thanksgiving on Mt. Washington since 1940 (minus 14 on the summit). Then got sick and instead of TG dinner spent the evening in bed...

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Dave Daly

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Re: How was Your weekend?

by Dave Daly » Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:46 pm

Went up to Sequoia Nat'l Park for three days (last minute kinda thing....sorry Craig and Michele!). My daughter and I did some toproping near the Lodgepole Campground. Ended up going to the top of Moro Rock and climbing 'Pennies On The Patio' (5.8-5.10....depending on where one wanders on the route). Had turkey/stuffing/cranberry sandwiches....but didn't quite come close to the pallet pleasing tofu/potato burritos. Perhaps a tofu/turkey burrito is in order next Turkey Day?!?!
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