Hurricane Earl - Something wicked this way comes

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Hurricane Earl - Something wicked this way comes

by John Duffield » Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:01 pm

This morning, I looked at the sky and saw those peculiar curved high clouds that are the outer bands of an approaching Hurricane. In years, now gone, this would've been the first they'd know that a hurricane approaches. The old timers would start battening everything down. Even early in my own lifetime we'd get occasionally surprised up here in the Northeast where Hurricanes are infrequent. As late as 1985, we knew one was coming but impact, speed, direction, was grossly overstated and the taping of windows in Lower Manhattan endured for years as a legacy.

My first memory of one, was coming to the edge of a valley with my father driving, seeing the water over running the bridge at the bottom and taking a longer route around.

So hang on fellow North East residents!! Photos from the Hamptons tomorrow if I have internet. You guys in Eastern Mass and the Cape are in for a socking.


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