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by Chris » Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:16 pm

MoapaPk wrote:We had a similar discussion a year or so ago. One fellow presented articles suggesting that cramps were more due to overuse, with little contribution from hydration or electrolytes in the short run.

In one study, the hydration and electrolyte levels of runners were monitored. Those who got cramps (during athletic activities) did not have hydration or electrolyte levels significantly different from those who did not. Bear in mind that all started the activity with proper levels.

Took me a bit, but I found that article.


I've been testing that theory, unscientifically, by doing my long slow runs w/o taking in electrolytes. At a very easy pace (under 135bpm HR) I've done runs up to 11 hours w/o anything but water... and no cramping.

I think maybe there's something to it, though I'm just an experiment of one.

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by RayMondo » Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:20 am

If water gets too boring, try the spicy herb teas. The health stores often give free samples. By the way, when you do the full monty detox, and despite that my system was pretty okay, there are years of old claggy gut build-up that comes out - called intestinal plaque. The people that had yeast overgrowth displayed itself as white-filled sausage skin - yards long :shock: . Amazing to think that it takes a whole week for your guts to clear, even when you've eaten nothing. They also give you a lot of releasing herbs and natural cleansing agents. By the way, avoid pressurised colonics, as most yeast overgrowth resides in the 30ft of small intestine, which is unreachable by invasive colonics. It has to be eliminated or there is no chance to avoid its parasitic affect. Not forgetting that yeasts produce mycelium (invades the gut wall, and can be released into the body). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycelium

Most external skin issues, rashes, conditions etc are the result of the body trying to detoxify itself through the skin, meaning that the liver is already toxified and overloaded. Therefore skin creams for eczema conditions are pointless. During detox, many people come out in rashes and get scared, but they all pass within a while and the skin recovers and glows as when you were a baby. Healthy skin is the reflection of the inside of the body. (By the way, I've very good skin).

The whole ethos behind the week without food is that the yeast dies off naturally because it has no food to parasitically rob you of. Thus when cleared, you don't need to eat so much because you get the calories, and thus less hunger. Excess calories increase free radicals which attack the immune system.

By the way, eating slowly (and mindfully), allows the stomach to realise fullness with less food. It takes about 30 mines of feeding for the stomach to know it. Otherwise, just cramming and watching TV and doing two things at once creates a big intake for the same result. A tip is to set the knife and fork down between bites. After all, don't treat your insides like a garbage bin. Savour and enjoy. Talking and eating is not healthy. Focus on the food. Achieving a state of mindfulness reduces stress. Stress is the biggest health affector. Laughter is the best medicine. :D When you are happy, the body can tolerate abuse. Hence happy people who eat poor quaility food are able to. The opposite is true.

Laughter: Kids grow up so fast that they soon overtake us. I'm still chasing myself. Hahaha :D :D


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