Looking for a Partner(s) (Swiss/Italian Alps) or Solo Advice

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Looking for a Partner(s) (Swiss/Italian Alps) or Solo Advice

by anthbmarra » Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:43 pm

Hi guys,

I am in Italy for the month of June on a business trip and I am bringing all my mountaineering & climbing gear for a trip I have planned late June/early July to rock climb and also climb the Matterhorn. On the weekends, I wanted to get some altitude exposure and climb some peaks to keep myself in shape (I will be at sea level on the weekdays). Unfortunately, the people I am traveling with are not quite the adventure type... and more the business type. With that being said.... Is anyone willing/looking to take on a partner? I know it's a long shot but I am looking for fit, competent, and fun partners (I do not want / will not glacier travel solo). I am from Utah and I have been training all winter/spring so my fitness is solid! I have found potential rock climbing partners on mtn project, but I'd much rather climb some mountains :D

If I can't find a partner, I would at least like to do some solo hiking/climbing. I am looking for any advice on mountains to climb without glacier/crevasse travel! It's quite difficult to gather information (So much information!). If anyone has any advice/experience they are willing to share, that would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks all.


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