Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

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Re: Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

by marmoting » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:35 am

One route that seems to meet the OP's requirements is the north ridge of Mt. Tom. The route starts at a low 5800 ft, and is only about 5 miles to the summit. Since the route stays on top of a ridge, it is relatively avalanche safe, and has great views the whole way.

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Re: Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

by granjero » Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:54 am

Here's my favorite hiker!

Photo credit John Bachar.

I am incredibly psyched to climb that hike!

Now for the OP, watch the weather and the webcams up until your departure (this will give you ideas). But no matter what, just show up with all your mountain toys and an open mind; you will be guaranteed to have a great time in the Sierra!

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Re: Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

by Vitaliy M. » Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:21 pm

thegib wrote:Sorry, off OP Topic, but it's a lazy Sunday and just to stir the pot;
The need some climbers have to publicly and repeatedly differentiate their activity from that of hikers is at least as pathological as hikers not appreciating the difference between hiking and climbing.

Good point. When I started hiking I did not really call it 'hiking' because it was very physically straining to me, had exposure at times, and really did not resemble hiking. "I went for an extremely straining hike" just does not sound cool! :lol: Although still, "I hiked Casaval Ridge on Mt. Shasta" just doesn't sound right. :( After I started climbing, and especially trad climbing (not following), I really noticed the difference between the two.

Now I do get kind of annoyed when people tell me "Oh my friend is also a climber, he just climbed Half Dome." I understand it was probably a big challenge for that person but in my opinion it does not make you a climber if you hiked the trail and pulled on some cables for the first time in your life. I love hiking, and I love climbing, and I do not see anything wrong if someone likes one or the other. But please, call it what it is. Going to the gym once a year does not make you a body builder.

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Re: Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

by mrchad9 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:33 pm

A few months ago I was hiking out of Rock Creek Drainage and passed an older couple as I approached the trailhead. The woman asked her husband to stop aside, as "a hiker is coming, hold up." When I passed she saw my ice ax and helmet (or maybe just the ax) and said "oh... excuse me a climber, not a hiker".

Hiker or not I thought it a bit silly. Who gives a damn? It would not bother me if someone car camping in a walk in campground said they were backpacking, or if someone says they are hiking and does nothing more than walk to Bridalveil Falls from the parking lot. Doesn't affect anyone else in any way whatsoever, and if you can overlook such things from others then IMHO it shows you are more comfortable with your own activities.

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Re: Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

by Vitaliy M. » Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:37 pm

Would be kind of weird if someone made such a big effort to identify a by passer like that. To be honest, when I do get out I don't care about what others are doing, or what they call it. But we DO HAVE to discuss this important stuff online!Or being at work WILL become boring.

Aside from hikers calling themselves climbers, I find climber douches really adorable. Chad, remember "It is not a day-hike! It is an alpine climb!" That was hilarious.

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Re: Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

by mjrangel » Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:19 pm

With regard to Mid-winter climbs, nobody mentioned the west side...

Last Feb I made it up to Diamond Dog Pk (N of Mt Lippincott) at the head of the N fork of Granite Creek Basin in Sequoia on the Great Western Divide. The trip took 3.5 days from Hospital Rock following the 1970 winter route to Black Kaweah. It was quite reasonable on snowshoes because there is no snow for most of the route!

In the densely forested lower part of Granite Creek, skis would just get in the way. Last year, there was a long stretch where it hadn't snowed in weeks and it was consolidated. Conditions were perfect for climbing the west facing gullies/chutes leading up to all the unmarked peaks in there. Now I'd like to go back and do Lippincott sometime this year. It's totally doable without skis in 4 days.

If anyone want's more specific info on the route in there email me: matthewrangel@yahoo.com

Besides, I may need a partner for Lippincott this year.

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Re: Mid-winter Sierra climbs: how foolish?

by thegib » Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:48 pm

Right now a winter climb couldn't look more appealing!


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