Mont Blanc 2019 - Questions & Advices

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Mont Blanc 2019 - Questions & Advices

by danielt » Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:57 am


We are planning to summit at the end of September. We have reservations at Tête Rousse hut.

I have some questions for those who summited this summer.

1. Are there any crevasses on the trail?
2. From what I could find on the internet, there is a required (by law) equipment list. The only item we are missing is a GPS/Altimeter. We don't own a GPS device because we've never needed it. Until now we have used maps and our phones. Is there someone who will check our equipment and deny our access if we are missing the GPS?

This is our first ascent on Mont Blanc, so advices are welcome!

Thank you!

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Re: Mont Blanc 2019 - Questions & Advices

by alpinbeta » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:22 pm

the ascent to Mont Blanc from the Normal French route has long become a thorny issue! Due to overcrowding and the numerous not expert people, checks are carried out by the gendarmes at the start, but obviously I cannot know if the checks are so meticulous as to include the inspection of the contents of the backpack or the pockets of the alpinists to check if there is the GPS ...
There are few crevasses along this route, but at the beginning the overcoming of a long rocky butress equipped with cable, then above the Refuge Gouter large snowy plateaus, glacial crossing and the exposed and sharp ridge that leads to the summit. Normally the Normal takes place with overnight stay at the Refuge Gouter at an altitude of 3835 meters from where the difference in height to the summit is just a bit under 1000 meters. Starting from the Refuge Tete Rousse 3167 m the difference in altitude rises to over 1660 meters! This is the easiest route to reach the "roof of Europe" but the climb requires good physical preparation, good altitude training and good technical skills. However, the chosen date is certainly not the most advisable date for the climb, possible frozen sections and snow-covered rocks.
Good climb!

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Re: Mont Blanc 2019 - Questions & Advices

by Encalomer » Fri Jul 09, 2021 3:13 pm

If still interested in climbing the Mont Blanc, I think the Italian route is far more interesting than the Gouter route. I have climbed both, and the Italian route is the wildest, the most remote and the least busy of the normal routes to the Monte Bianco.

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