Mt. Kenya seasons

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Mt. Kenya seasons

by JedSMG » Sun May 09, 2010 6:38 am

First, a pre-emptive thanks to any experts on African mountaineering. It seems most questions here have to do with Kiliminjaro, this'll expand the discussion a bit. I'm looking for a little more detail on seasonal weather conditions on Mt. Kenya. My wife and I are free in November and looking to visit Kenya and the technical routes on Nelion and/or Batian. Conventional, readily available summaries of mountain conditions indicate that November is a rainy season, the time of "short rains". So, what does that mean? Is it possible to climb any of the technical routes in between the "short rains"? Or is it a silly idea? Thanks, Jed Porter, Bishop, CA, USA.

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by builttospill » Sun May 16, 2010 1:16 am

Hey Jed,

I really can't say, having never been to Mt. Kenya or to Kenya in November. I'm here during the "long rains" (i.e. right now) and we have had some sunny weather, but also days of rain. It is a mixed bag, but I am also quite far away from Mt. Kenya.

You might get better responses posting on the Mountain Club of Kenya forum, easily googled. Good luck.

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by terikash32 » Thu May 20, 2010 10:20 pm

Hello Jed.

My name is Teri and I am a mountain guide in kilimanjaro, I have climbed Mt. Kenya several times with my guide charles of Mt. Kenya that is also my friend for several years now.
The truth is everytime I climbed it was raining season but we did not encounter any rain... I know a lot about this mountain i will tell you more I am in a bit hurry right now... I will write to you later.
you can contact my friend and he can arrange all of this that you need in Kenya...he has been a mointain guide in Mt. Kenya for 20 years now, I am sure he will also give you a very good price for both safari and the climb...Please contact him he is a very honest and educated person and i know him very well... Here is- his mail address chachamus2003@yahoo.comHis name is Charles Gikonyo. I asure you that you will like him very much...
Okay I have to go... you can also write to me I can help you plan this as well
Thank you and hope to hear from you...


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