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High-altitude sleep mask

There is an Indiegogo campaign for a high-altitude sleep mask. Claims to relieve periodic breathing at high altitude and help with oxygenation. Seems like a good idea: ... dventure#/
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inhaling smoke and fumes before a climb

Been meaning to post this for some time but keep forgetting...

On a trip to Orizaba, I was talking with an EMT in the hut. He said people need to be careful around stoves in enclosed places the night before a climb because the carbon monoxide that’s produced attaches to red blood cells, interfering with oxygen transport for 24 hours or longer.

Question 1—anyone else heard this from a reputable source?
Question 2—would this warning ...
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altitude sickness

Hi guys

I am planning to climb mt toubkal in Morocco next March, and I am afraid of altitude sickness! I have read that Diamox is a good treatment for that! is that true? has anybody used it? does it have any side effects??


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What altitude should I start to pack Diamox?

When planning a trip, at what sleeping altitudes do you plan to pack Diamox or consider staged ascents?
I have read that AMS affects about 25% of people above 8,000ft (2,400m) and this is roughly the same for periodic breathing (Cheyne-Stokes breathing). I stayed at Bow Hut last year (~2,400m) and nobody seemed to be taking Diamox or staging their ascents, so I was curious about which altitude people really start to do these things. ...
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HAPE experiences sought. Ever heard of strange cases?

It's a long shot, but who knows one of you might know more.

Basically I am out and about a lot. There's a mountain somewhere? I have to go up even if it takes me ages to get there. However, I've never been good with heights. 1000m above sea and running becomes very difficult. 2500m makes walking very difficult. 3000m and I'm close to being a vegetable even if I spent a few nights at ...
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Altitude blindness

I have an east coast client who did a late season climb of Rainier 2 weeks ago and felt strong and prepared; however, around 13-14000' she experienced blurred vision and then felt like she was going blind. The guides sent her down before it could get any worse, and she gradually felt better and better, and 2-3 days later had no residual effects. The guides suggested she visit an eye doctor, which she planned to ...
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FYI: More info on travel/rescue/evac insurance

Good article over at regarding travel/rescue insurance

Buyer’s Guide: Travel, Rescue, and Medical Evacuation Insurance ... -services/
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AMS prevention during sleep

Thought this was interesting. Using a device designed for reducing snoring to prevent headaches and dizziness from altitude.
Has anyone used this at altitude before and did it work?

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Khumbu Cough Tips

I'm relatively new to trekking/mountaineering having only completed an Intro to Mountaineering course with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures in October (great program) and done some day hiking at altitude in the Rockies and Swiss Alps. I am interested in heading to Everest Base Camp and have come across the Khumbu Cough (high altitude cough) in my research. I would be interested to hear any experiences as well as tips on prevention and treatment. Are balaclavas/neck warmers ...
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Hiking with knee issues

As many of you know, I've been hiking for many years and contributing to SP. For seven of the last 14 years, I've had various knee, ankle, Achilles, t-band, injuries, etc, etc, etc. Despite years of issues, I have always been able to hike without problems. Now I found out I have a small lesion in my articular cartilage, which may eventually lead to more damage down the line. The only time I haven't been ...
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