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Bug RE: width, max-width, and height CSS

Video Walkthrough link on Dropbox. I don't know how else to explain this other than through a demonstration.

Source Page: White Butte, ND State Highpoint
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New Zealand tourism ads - Really?

Running the "I Need It / I Need New Zealand" ads seems like really bad taste to run these ads right after the shooting there this past week. At least stop them for a week or so? It looks like they're from Google AdSense, but regardless if its from a contract service its making Summitpost look insensitive buffoons. Please stop them for a while. Thanks
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Embedding pics into text body

How do I get my text tight with embedded pictures using the new editor? I apologize for asking. I've been away for a long time and I'm still getting used to all the changes.
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Pictures without title and caption

Currently the site has been increasingly invaded by photos published without any description. The thing is very annoying even if sometimes the photos are valid. SP is above all an information site on the mountain and the publication of anonymous photos should somehow be discouraged. Could we not introduce an automatic option to avoid the publication of these anonymous photos?
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Image Alignment (pure HTML is ok)

I'm in the process of updating the page for the White Butte, ND state highpoint (use the search feature for White Butte, ND, page ID 151926; I'm not special enough to have permission to post links).

There are two sets of images which I want to be aligned side-by-side. The first set is in the "Getting There" section and the second set in in the "Red Tape" section.

After completing the original edits, the pictures ...
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Photo Resolution

It appears that we can no longer view a posted photo at it's "original resolution", as we have been able to do for a very long time.....BUMMER!
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Do we really need to be asked, "Will you allow SummitPost to access your location?" ad nauseam during the same session?
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How to change profile image?

Per the thread title ... there doesn't appear to be a way to delete an old profile image and/or upload a new one to replace it.

Please advise?

EDIT: Nevermind ...
-- When logged in and viewing "Home -> User Profile Image," select "Admin Editor Options -> New Editor" from the yellow hover dropdown menu.

-- Browse and select a new image to replace the existing profile image.

-- Selecting "Submit Changes" at the bottom ...
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Can't get photo urls anymore

I can't get photo urls to post photo links to the forum anymore. It used to be simple. You would right click and get the url. Now I can't figure out how to do it at all.

What happened?
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Picture size

As you can see, someone sent me a message saying that he is unable to enlarge and read this map that I made on Summitpost:

At the time, I told him to check for "size" on the right upper side of the page, click on "original size" and the then "plus button". Now I see that the "size" option has been replaced with "view high resolution image". When I click on that and the ...
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