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Bulk Image uploader - REPORT BUGS HERE

A new feature to upload multiple images all at the same time has (finally) been added to SummitPost. The tool can be accessed here:

The main upload image process was altered too, as this feature was added, to check the EXIF data and rotate the image if it is incorrectly rotated and also get latitude and longitude coordinates from the image and use them if none are specified in ...
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New editor (TinyMCE) -- REPORT BUGS HERE

A new editor was deployed today after much negative feedback and many problems with the newest version of the editor that was put in place earlier this year. That editor was completely removed and I am guessing that no one will miss it.

The new editor has been tested, but not exceptionally thoroughly. Please post any bugs related to the new editor to this thread. Thanks!
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Page Adoption Guidelines

SP members and management encourage adoption of pages whose owners have lost interest in maintaining them.

If you'd like to adopt a page, standard protocol is to contact the owner by email and PM if the person has been active within the past year (check the profile for the most recent active date). Note-- you should definitely use email if that person has not been active for a few weeks, as there is a chance ...
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Abandoned Pages in Need of Adoption

There are lots and lots of pages on this site that have been untended for a long time and whose owners have lost interest in the site. If you see an abandoned page in need of adoption, please report it here so that others who might be qualified to adopt the page can have a chance to find out.

What is an abandoned page in need of adoption? Generally, it is safe to assume that ...
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Recommendations for Front Page "Featured Mountains"

Ruby Mountain by Bob Sihler, super high quality as usual!
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Classifieds Forum

This forum is for members who want to sell their gear and members who want to buy it.

Commercial posts are not allowed; this includes selling/advertising for your business or place of employment. Please report commercial posts to site management.

Please understand that SummitPost is not responsible for bad transactions. Buyers and sellers assume all risks; SummitPost simply provides the medium for buyers and sellers to "meet."

Suggestions about ways to improve this forum are ...
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Leaving SP?

Are you thinking about leaving SP but are willing to leave behind your pages so others may continue to use them?

First, do you really have to delete your account? Why not just become inactive? There may come a time when you decide you want to resume activity here. In the meantime, if any of your pages need updating, others can adopt them. Deleting your pages could also have organizational effects; for example, deleted areas ...
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Report Bugs Here

Please use this thread to report bugs and other issues that have appeared since the upgrade. It is easier to keep track of things when there is just one thread.
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What is a complete page?

Because I take a special interest in submissions to the site, especially reducing the clutter of bad and incomplete pages, I offer this in hopes that it will help members. The FAQ's have been updated to reflect this.

At the very minimum, this is the definition of a complete mountain page (and the general idea transfers to routes, areas, and canyons as well):

There is an overview telling us something about the peak, preferably what ...
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What's New in Europe

:!: Advertise what you have posted in Europe (otherwise it's here). Be short - 2 lines! Delete posts after 2 weeks!
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