Next place(s) to climb/hike

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Next place(s) to climb/hike

by alapy » Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:33 pm

So I've done some trekking, winter one too in hills/mountains (a bit over 2km altitude max) and just in normal wilderness, also I'm bouldering. I take pretty strict care of my physical shape I guess and last month I summitted Mt. Blanc with no problems. I think I actually made way harder days on tour de mont blanc before the actual mountain climbing. I've had some people around me who are quite experienced I'd say so I knew the basic self arrests and stuff. Also I prefer sleeping in tent.
Point in those random stuff I've wrote is now, as the topic title says, to figure out where should I head next? I'm pretty sure there is plenty of places but only summits which I get into my mind are Aconcagua and Mt Blanc Du Tacul. As for my own preferences, it would be nice if it was a bit harder than mt blanc, like all the way similiar to Tete rousse - Gouter latter parts, more snow and ice than rock thought. (I did this part with another guy and well, we did it during night so lost way all the time so we ended rock climbing pretty much.)

PS. If there is some thread which would be like super duper helpful for me and I just haven't found it just call me an idiot and link that one.

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