Photography- using climbing gear for props

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Photography- using climbing gear for props

by neoday » Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:06 pm

So I am expecting my second child in the next few weeks. Looking at my profile pic you can tell I love to take my kids outdoors :D (seriously, my almost 4 year old daughter wants to go winter camping this year... but I digress).

I am looking for fun ideas of photos to take with my new born son. Something that contrasts the beauty and peace of a newborn and the challenges of life.

My current working idea is to put him in my overboot which is strapped to a crampon. The question is, do I go BD Sabertooths or Grivel Rambos?

What about some other ideas (that the wife will or will not approve of). I am just trying to get the creative concepts going now that we are down to the wire.

here was the final with my daughter:


We were using the Miracle Blanket to swaddle her when she slept. I thought, "I bet I know something else that would work and there is no way she is going to get out of it":

The latter is what I am thinking for the new baby boy.

All ideas welcome and please share any photos you might have!

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