Most Polluted National Park

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Most Polluted National Park

by colinr » Mon May 28, 2012 9:24 pm

I've read about noise pollution studies, but I'm not sure which park has the most. Sitting here with Top Gun on in the background brings back memories of fighter jets buzzing me as I hiked along upper Rainbow Canyon toward Father Crowley Point during my visit to DVNP in early April. Hiking to the Panamint Dunes, or anywhere overlooking the Panamint Valley (such as Telescope Peak) generally provides some seclusion, but also a good chance to view military aircraft in action.


While in the SEKI area, potentially spectacular views are often obscured and signs at some viewpoints explain the cause. This article cites air pollution data pointing to SEKI having the most polluted air of any national park in the U.S.:

Several mysteries are explained in one statement:
Southerly breezes from the San Francisco Bay collect pollutants and push them to the valley's southern rim, where they bounce back north. Between Fresno and Visalia -- just below the park -- the warm air hits the cooler air pushing south and gets trapped in a swirling vortex called the Fresno Eddy...


According to some sources, Fresno is not the only vile vortex to be wary of: :wink:

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