Sierra Challenge 2017 Aqua Jersey

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Sierra Challenge 2017 Aqua Jersey

by Turtleggjp » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:34 pm

The Sierra Challenge Dive team would like to formally announce a new jersey competition this year. We present, The Aqua Jersey!

I just happend to order this color shirt last year.
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This is for people who like to go swimming out in the Sierra. Our point scoring system is as follows:

- If you swim in a lake or stream, you get 1 point. A swim means that you must fully submerge in said body of water.

Not good enough Ken.
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Almost Sean, but still not enough.
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This is how you get it done!
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- Just like climbing a peak on the Challenge, where you don't have to stay on the summit very long, but you have to at least touch the highpoint. Likewise, if you go all the way in, and get right back out, that's good enough. Some people find it pleasant to hang out on the summit for a while, others are happy to move on quickly. The same logic applies to swimming in lakes.
- The body of water must be a "backcountry" lake or stream (Defined loosely, South Lake is out, Long Lake is in for example). While we don't normally focus on streams (since lakes are usually deeper and easier to complete the rules above), but it may be difficult sometimes to differentiate a lake from a wide spot in the creek, so we don't exclude creeks. We only count a lake or a stream one time though, so if you swim in a creek up high, and then again down lower, that would only count as 1 swim.
- You can score a maximum number of lakes = to the number of peaks you get (according to Bob's rules) +1. i.e. 0 peaks, you can score 1 lake. 1 peak, you can score 2 lakes, etc. This should also keep people from racking up an absurd number of lakes without having to nitpick about whether creeks should count, or whether two lakes very close to each other (like the Beck Lakes last year) should both count (yes).

Here are some additional tips:

- Just like climbing a peak during the Challenge, we operate on the honor system. Photographic evidence of your swim is not required, but it is highly recommended. If you send us photos of yourself, you just might make next year's Sierra Challenge Swimsuit Calendar!
- Clothing is optional while swimming. What you wear (or don't) while swimming is up to you, just please be mindful of others who might be passing by at the time. Also, keep this in mind if submitting photos (this year's calendar is rated PG-13, we'd like to not exceed that).
- Safety first! These lakes and creeks are usually very cold, and unless you bring extra clothes and a towel, you may be hiking in cold wet clothes for a while. This can lead to hypothermia late in the day, so try to get your swim in before it gets too late. Also, you wouldn't climb an exposed summit during a thunderstorm (I hope), so please don't try to go swimming during one either.

You can pass along your swims to me (Matt Yaussi) and I will try to keep track of them using a copy of Bob's stat sheet. Feel free to ask me or Chris Henry if you have any further questions about the rules.

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Re: Sierra Challenge 2017 Aqua Jersey

by DukeJH » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:36 pm

What about the Amber Jersey for the most beer drank during the challenge?

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Re: Sierra Challenge 2017 Aqua Jersey

by Jesus Malverde » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:56 pm

DukeJH wrote:What about the Amber Jersey for the most beer drank during the challenge?

What about the polka dot jersey for King of the Mountains?

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