Fall and injury on Mt Abbott

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Re: Fall and injury on Mt Abbott

by colinr » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:47 pm

Here's the helo:


This guy was there for the rescue, although I think he said it was technically from Mt. Dade. He was not a fan of what he perceived as improperly equipped climbing, but did mention being a fan of SPOT and InReach leading them directly to people who need help. He noted rare cases of abusers of the devices.

It was interesting to see them in action near Bullfrog Lake recently.
It seemed as though it would have been difficult to convince the rescued party to accept a helicopter ride had she not been assured by me it would be free. It could have been a deadly situation had she not taken the ride. Keeping a level head is one thing with solid knowledge and while sitting inside; it can be more challenging when under duress and in serious need of help.

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Re: Fall and injury on Mt Abbott

by mrchad9 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:29 pm

If you catch your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on you and you kill them shouldn't their estate or family have to pay for the investigation since they were likely caught cheating due to their own negligence? Seems fair.

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Re: Fall and injury on Mt Abbott

by fatdad » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:14 am

bobpickering wrote:
mrchad9 wrote:I shouldn't have to pay income or property taxes for someone else's children to go to school. Forget about all this rescue shit it is nothing compared to that.

I don’t mind supporting the public schools. I got a good education there. I object when Trump and DeVos give my money to religious schools that will teach our kids that evolution is a hoax and the earth is 6,000 years old.

In certain parts of Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, etc., there are people on public school boards who are pushing to teach this in PUBLIC schools. In Dayton, TN there was protest over the recent installation of a statute of Clarence Darrow next to the one of William Jennings Bryan (who argued against teaching evolution), which was erected long ago. I went to a Catholic high school. There the teachers--all priests and nuns who knew Greek and Latin--would have laughed at the notion that the world was flat, or created in 7 days or that evolution was "just a theory".

But I digress...

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Re: Fall and injury on Mt Abbott

by clmbr » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:42 pm

I did not want to participate in this discussion because I believe in so advanced culture and civilization with such highly technological advances it should be obvious. Well, it never is (no offense).

But here is an example of how multiple various level agencies, aircrafts, grand troops and hundreds of thousands of dollars involved in Search & Rescue may become just a sank cost due to inability of locating the victim. There is nothing wrong with the victim or even S&R strategy; it's just ineffectual execution of rescuers and used technology.

Financial penalty of several hundred of thousands of dollars for the victims is in most cases irrational.

I agree they should bear some consequences due to putting themselves in such situation but primarily if it was due to their ignorance. There is no excuse for being ignorant in today's world.

Education is the most important and they should advocate as well as be part of the process of educating other potential reckless endeavors. They not supposed to act as heroes just because they survived a couple nights on the mountain before being rescued. That's a bad, bad, example!!! Their families and friends should make that clear to them, not just be happy to see them alive and intact. They are not winners, they are losers!

Unfortunately, too many people, especially young, don't want to spent time and effort to properly train for or even do a short research before attempting a mountain. All they want is "Hey, let's go climbing or hiking" attitude. Yeah, they have cell phones, GPSs, and/or Spots and are ready to press the button or make a 911 call at their convenience or rather any inconvenience. This is ridiculous!!! This is very irresponsible approach!!!

They have no idea and don't even want to accept it that the rescue may be delayed or even unsuccessful and they may simply die waiting forever, not to mention sometimes the rescuers die during their mission.

So who is paying, how much and for what is just irrelevant, especially for a wealthy victim or with wealthy families and friends. Sorry I need to go, my elevator just arrived, and it's instant and free, just a single button press.


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