Lowered - The North Face, North Star Geodesic Dome - Vintage

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Lowered - The North Face, North Star Geodesic Dome - Vintage

by normankirk » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:52 pm

Introduced in 1979, The North Star is a 4 season, double wall dome designed with the features and strength needed for expedition and base camp in extreme conditions. It will accommodate 4 adults closely, 6 in an absolute pinch.....with contortions. The tent has double snow tunnel entrances backed with bug netting that provide cross ventilation in the warmer months. The North Star is also a very pleasant tent for family camping.

- Zippered main entrance backed with bug netting.

- Six equal length 183" shock corded Easton aluminum poles and 2 short aluminum awning supports. 3, 10" aluminum struts help to maintain the "dead air space" (separation) between the rainfly and canopy.

- 1.9 ounce ripstop nylon canopy and full coverage rainfly. Polyurethane coated taffeta nylon floor, lower sidewalls, entrance panel and snow tunnels.

- 10 additional guy line pullouts on the rainfly for high wind and snow load conditions.

- Free standing.

- Has 6 inside gear pockets.

- Tunnel design cook/disposal hole built into the interior floor.

- Seams on the floor and rainfly were not previously sealed. A blank slate for you to do the job. No old, flaking sealer to clean up.

Total Weight is 13 pounds.

58.25 sq feet of interior floor space. 55" center height.


Condition: I have completed a thorough inspection throughout and would say the tent is in very good used condition.

- The colors on the main canopy are bright with very little sun fading.

- The outer rainfly is a TNF replacement and is in near new condition.

- The poles are without splits or kinks and are not deformed beyond what is consistent with use and normal shaping to the dome curvature.

- Zippers run smoothly.

- A common issue in older tents is the deterioration of the polyurethane waterproof coating applied to the lower sidewalls, floor and rainfly fabric. The coated areas are not sticky or to a lesser degree even tacky. The worst that can be said is that on hot days or in direct summer sun the coating softens. It is not peeling and continues to provide full waterproofing. Re-coating is unneeded at this time.There are no issues with the rainfly.



The interior floor and the pole sleeves needed some minor repair to bring the tent completely up to snuff:

1) The floor was cleaned and inspected - Several tiny cooking spark holes, scuffs and abrasions were repaired with either dabs of Mcnett Seam Grip Sealer/Adhesive or the Sealer and nylon taffeta fabric. Usage stains are well set and only minor effort was made at removal.

2) Threading poles through tent sleeves in high winds or darkness isn't ideal and is best done with 2 persons. Some fabric wear, nicks and several about 1/4" - 3/4" in length slits were solidly repaired with Seam Grip, light flat webbing and ripstop repair fabric on the inside and outside of the damage. Arguably strong as new and good to go.

*As TNF cautions, a small measure of care is needed when threading poles through the sleeves of any tent with light weight fabric. To avoid damage, flex the poles as they are being threaded through the pole sleeves*

3) On the main entrance netting, a few tiny pulls were reinforced with dabs of Seam Grip. Netting is in mint condition at the tunnel entrances.

4) I sealed the floors main center cross seam a few days ago


The tent is entirely ready for use. Now priced at $975.00 (Was asking $1,200.00) plus shipping cost from 80517.


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Re: Lowered - The North Face, North Star Geodesic Dome - Vin

by normankirk » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:02 am

Price lowered to $975.00.

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