Advice for Pennine Alps late June

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Advice for Pennine Alps late June

by mishab » Fri May 15, 2009 8:57 pm

I am new in this forum and need an advice. I would like to climb one of the Swiss 4000 in late June (27 or 28) with my 11 years old son. In my opinion both of us have adequate experience and training for the trip but this being with a child I try to be on a cautious side. All routes involve glacier travel and in my opinion for glacier travel there should be at least two adults on the rope so I am probably looking at hiring a guide especially in the region yet unknown to me. We are somewhat limited in time – it is a business trip for me with a few free days afterwards. I would appreciate any advice and answers to some questions I have.

- From the information I found (Internet, Goedeke book and guide offices in Zermatt and Saas Fee) it seems to me that the most pleasant ascent feasible to us is Allalinhorn by Hohlaubgrat from the Hohlaub/Metro-Window at 3200m. However having just a few days (and being together with my wife and daughter who do not climb) I would rather stay in Zermatt than in Saas Fee. Does it make any sense to do Alallin from Zermatt in a day?

- Would Breithorn be overcrowded this early in the season? Zermatt office markets The half-traverse of the Breithorn which I am not sure exactly what. Anybody had experience with it? Is it worthwhile?

- I have very limited experience with guides. In fact the only professionally guided ascent I ever made in my adult life was Chimborazo in Ecuador. Any considerations I should have? Any recommendation of a guide in the region? At the 4000plus site I found only one guide in each of Zermatt and Saas Fee Section that lists children mountaineering as his speciality, is it any indication? Do they mean the same as I when talking children mountaineering or do they just mean entertaining small kids?

Thanks in advance,


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Are you sure?

by daxomatic » Fri May 15, 2009 10:28 pm


First let me say; I wish my dad took me along for the trip ;-) but
Are you sure that your son will be up for the task?
I climbed the Monte Rosa massif to Punta Gnifetti and planning to climb the lyskamm this year, but my experience with that particular area is that it can be pretty rough,
high winds, snow and harsh in general, not sure if a guide will agree on taking you and your son for a climb, but you can always ask.
All I'm trying to say is be careful as it can be deadly along the way. ... ngholidays
Which was a week or so before we where there.
We climbed in pretty tough conditions and I'm sure it can nice as well, I think you can check the hut for availability on hiring a guide. phone numbers for the hut here. ... skamm.html



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by Moni » Sat May 16, 2009 2:09 am

We climbed the Breithorn with our daughter when she was 8 years old. A safe climb - much of the elevation by gondola, short glacier crossing, 4000 m and wonderful views! We did this in early July, but late June, if snow conditions allow, should be fine.

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by gert » Sat May 16, 2009 9:40 am

You will burn a lot of time driving from Zermatt to Saas Fee if its just for a day trip. Both peaks a pretty much crowded on the easy routes.
The easiest way to the Allalinhorn is just when leaving the Metro Alpin - but you cross a skiing area frst and they are busy in summer too. The Hohlaubgrat is best accessible from Felsskin Station or you stay overnight at the Britannia Hut. Hohllaubgrat is by far not as crowded as the shorter route via Metro Alpin.
Weissmies and Lagginhorn are 4000m peaks and can be climed on easy PD routes without crossing glaciers from either Saas Grund or Saas Almagell. This way you are on your own - without any guide! But it will probably involve you with an overnight stop at one of the huts.
Have fun!

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