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Re: Pyrenees

by visentin » Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:40 am

nimrodbregman wrote:1) do I need crampons/ice axe for crossing Col de Literole this time of the year (especially this year after such a snowy winter)?

Sure ! But take light crampons anyway (alu), because you won't use them most of the rest of the way.

nimrodbregman wrote:2) Are the huts crowded? Do I need to make reservations if I intend to use them?

It depends which ones ! Any names ? ;) As for me I prefer to never book the huts; huts are not hotels and one should be able to accomodate whenever he needs. Planning dates too early is "dangerous" because we can't predict the weather, and forcing itself to reach a place against good sense is often the cause of accidents

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Rafa Bartolome

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by Rafa Bartolome » Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:16 pm

I'm according with Visentin.
I add: the refuges are overcrowded on summer in Pyrenees, it's very advisable to make reservation specially if you spend the night in a week-end (many people make reservation one or two months previously for friday and saturday). It's easier to make a reservation the rest of the days of the week in the previous 2 weeks, but not always. La Renclusa is under Aneto and I think it's almost impossible the reservation now (you can try calling: Refugio Renclusa). You can sleep in the village of Benasque using the bus (paying) in La Besurta (30 minutes from La Renclusa Hut). In Benasque you have some campings and lodges.

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