Suunto X10 GPS/Altimeter Alternatives

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Suunto X10 GPS/Altimeter Alternatives

by Bark Eater » Thu Sep 24, 2009 8:20 pm

I'm ready to get into the 21st century and purchase a wristop GPS/altimeter. I like all the features I read about the Suunto X10. However, the reviews on durability have been really bad. I don't think this is the right unit for me. I'm pretty hard on equipment.

Can anyone recommend an alternative with the following features? 1) GPS including pace, distance traveled calculations, 2) barometric altimeter, 3) digital compass, 4) watch with split timer, 5) wrist-mounted.

Alternatively, if you have had really good experience with the X10, please let me know and set me straight. It just hasn't held up well in what I have read elsewhere on-line.

Thanks much!

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