Central American Summits

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Central American Summits

by ChristianRodriguez » Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:39 pm

I am looking info about mountainneers that already succesfully climbed (or any intent) to ascent all the central american summits. Will be include in a book report.

Guatemala - Tajumulco
Belize - Doyle's Delight / or Victoria's Peak (second summit)
El Salvador - El Pital
Honduras - Las Minas
Nicaragua - El Mogoton (marked summit reached)
Costa Rica - Chirripo
Panama - Barú

until now just 2 climber
Christian Rodriguez (me)
Pavel Dorosovich

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Hey Christian

by BLong » Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:36 am


When I was in the Peace Corps (as you know) I tried to do them all.

I had a blast doing the following peaks:
Guatemala - Tajumulco
El Salvador - El Pital
Honduras - Las Minas (Celaque)
Nicaragua - El Mogoton
Costa Rica - Chirripo

Unfortunately, when I tired to head to Belize, I couldn't get any beta on Doyle's... and I mean any beta. This was before you guys went out there. I eventually contacted a couple of people that had been to the summit, but the got there by helicopter. In the end, I never did make it to Doyle's, so I decided not to do Panama either. I still would love to head back and finish them.

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