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by The Chief » Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:55 am

howiemtnguide wrote:We have the AMGA to thank for that. The PCGI and PCIA are imitators who are trying to ride that wave. I say good for them, but let it be known that all certifications are not created equal. And there is only one, the AMGA, that is accepted by the international association. Again- competition good, monopolies bad, multiple industry standards confusing, and therefore, bad.

I wish the PCGI and PCIA the best of luck, but I do not suspect they will be able to out-compete the AMGA. That said, their existence is a very good thing. They have already had a positive effect on the AMGA as the AMGA is now fully in action with new program developments and improvements.

Odd.... Some of the folks that are currently evaluating/endorsing the criteria, curriculum and protocols for the PCGI, were the originators of the APMGA during it's inception.

Maybe they too see the need for a back to basics mentality.

I see that your opinion has become harsh and very biased on both the PCGI and PCIA programs.

Remember, guides, certified or not, are not Gods. And the AMGA is not the Bible. Nor should it be.

Promoting solitary positional politics into what should be a joint effort for continued change and the betterment of the industry, is totally counter productive. It is no better than that purple haired doped up kid that was tasked with the responsibility of the clients that were awaiting his presence.

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by howiemtnguide » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:06 am

The Chief wrote:I see that your opinion has become harsh and very biased on both the PCGI and PCIA programs.

Perhaps biased - as yours also appears to be. What may read as harsh words are just the facts as I know them. No harsh tone implied. I remain skeptical about the future success of these new organizations. I have not yet been convinced that their actions have been entirely good for the guiding profession. We agree on all other points above.


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