The Politics of Man and Woman

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by lcarreau » Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:47 am

lisae wrote:I believe I lost a climbing partner due to his wife's jealousy. It sucked! What really got me was when the wife, who was also a friend, complained to me that I was spending more time with her husband than she was. When asked if she wanted me to quit climbing with him, she said no. But shortly thereafter, my partner quit climbing. I can only believe it was due to his wife's jealousy. But what really got me was that she spent most weekends paragliding, something my partner was not interested in. So I figure she really owed me a thank you for getting her husband out of the house, so she could go do what she wanted to. Geeze....

Lisa has an extremely valid point ; it can go both ways.

My wife says that I spend WAY too much time on Summitpost. So ... see ya all later !!!


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by MarthaP » Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:02 am

wingding wrote:Martha: Obviously, there are trust issues between this guy and his girlfriend. He shouldn't have gone with you without telling his girlfriend it would be just the two of you, and you shouldn't be willing to lie for him.

You'll find other partners that don't put you in this situation including attached men. There are many spouses/partners out there that are happy when their significant other finds someone to head into the backcountry with (either male or female) because they will worry about their safety less than if they were going out alone.

Thanks, wing. That confirms my ethics. Just needed a reality check to be certain my expectations weren't too high.


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