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by Scott » Thu Feb 11, 2010 3:08 pm

Speaking of which - you mentioned a slot canyon in the Island district that is 4wd-accessible only - are there any that are reachable with 2wd?

There are no real ones in the park that can be reached with 2wd, but there are some "joint-like" slots in the Needles (or Arches too).

There are short slot canyon slot canyons around Moab, most of which can only be reached by using ropes, but slot canyon-wise they don't compare to some other areas on the Colorado Plateau (such as Robbers Roost, North Wash and Escalante) areas.

That said though, Onion Creek near Fisher Towers and north of Moab has some nice slot canyons. I have added them to SP since they are used to acess the climbing areas in the Fisher Towers, but they can be done in themselves if you want to see some slot canyons.

See the page below and the route pages attached: ... owers.html

The routes with the slot canyons are C1, C2, C3 and C4.

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by lisae » Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:52 pm

I am glad I saw this thread; it has a lot of useful information. I am planning a trip to Moab Area in March.

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by Gafoto » Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:25 am

Vagabond Manifesto wrote:
AlexeyD wrote:No pressure, though - if, as a local, you don't feel like giving away info like that to random people, I totally understand :)

Ah, it's no problem, we all live somewhere! Along Highway 313 (which is the road that goes to the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands), the BLM has the Horsethief Campground, which never seems very busy. Minimal fee. It's just a few miles from the park entrance. There are some smaller BLM sites along that highway too.

Highway 128 and Highway 279 both follow the Colorado River right outside Moab and have multiple first-come, first-served BLM campgrounds. In March these might be fairly busy with Spring Breakers and early-arriving jeepers, but there are a lot of sites. At-large car-camping on BLM dirt roads happens a lot (hear no evil...), you might want to bring a portable toilet in that case.

I worked with the BLM last year (and hopefully again this year). I was camped at Goose Island campground just north of Moab on 128 and it was a fairly quiet campground. Lots of people with RVs. Great location if you want to be close to Moab. There's no water there but at the Lion's Gate park there is a spicket.

If you're staying in the Moab area I wouldn't recommend trying to get away with anything that might be stretching the rules, simply because the enforcement specifically in the Moab area is relatively high. Of course if you go up to the Book Cliffs and you might see a ranger once every few years.

There are some nice sites off of the Gemini Bridges road which require the use of a portable toilet. They're up a little box canyon a ways on the left if coming from 191. It would be a very scenic area to camp and your chances of seeing bighorns is high, a few scampered right in front of our truck in that area.


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