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by Dow Williams » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:17 pm

Went skiing with my brothers kids and their friends this past week. Ok, so maybe some of those stories that my girls tell aren't so exaggerated (pushing them down double D's at 5, etc). But man, girls are 24 and 26 now and quite athletic and adventurous to say the least. These kids I was with all pretty much cried at some point or another and had zero stamina or ambition and little interest. Was it that my kids simply did not think that I tolerated it? I always say I had the best kids ever. Never complained, always met the challenge presented, climbing, skiing, wife has diagnosed me with selective memory. However, even she had to admit, our ski days with the kids were golden compared to what we experienced this past weekend. If every parent is living their life this way, I pity them and more importantly, I pity that generation's future! I don't necessarily think that is the case though...I am not around kids enough to know......I do admire Scott on there is a father that emulates what I did in this realm (good or bad) and I assume (hope) his kids are loving every second of it.


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