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John Duffield

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by John Duffield » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:46 pm

There's another little way to cadge a free lesson.

I was on one of the big resorts early in my ski career and it was closing time. I was taking my time getting down the mountain, on a trail far too advanced for me, and ski patrol wanted to clear it and found me taking my time going down. One of the big mountains.

So, all the way down, I had a little voice in my ear telling me where to put my weight, how much edge etc instant feedback, little more little less and I got the feel.

Once I got the feeling of what it was like to ski exactly correctly, it became much easier to narrow the difference between where I was and where I should be. The feel also becomes really important when you can't see your skis.


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by RokIzGud » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:14 pm

I want to get into skiing but not a resort also. Just find some buddies that know how and have them give you some pointers.

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by drpw » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:36 am

Clydascope wrote:
AlexeyD wrote:From the resort's point of view it makes no difference whether a ticket that they sold was used by one person for the whole day, or by one person part of the day and another person the other part.

In California it's known as Defrauding an Innkeeper, CA Penal Code Section 537:

"(b) Any person who uses or attempts to use ski area facilities for
which payment is required without paying as required, or who resells
a ski lift ticket to another when the resale is not authorized by
the proprietor, is guilty of an infraction." ... -penalties

I was first made aware of this law when I was in highschool. We used to carry wooden shelves in my trunk to put over the one way spikes at the state beach so we could enter the exit and not pay $5. One day we didn't see a ranger and he gave us the option of each of us receiving a ticket for the above violation or leaving right then. The surf was terrible so the decision was easy.


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