Need partner for Utah adventure April 2-4

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Need partner for Utah adventure April 2-4

by Scott » Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:23 am

I need a partner or two for some technical canyoneering in Utah. Due to bad conditions in January my brother and I failed to descend this canyon in SE Utah near Hite, but the snow is gone now. (See the trip log for January 16):

Anyway, the canyon's narrow section is fairly short and mid-canyon in contrast to the the tight slots in Butler and Stair which are actually up in the heads of the canyons.

What is more interested to me though is that in one of the forks and from a certain section of the rim, it appears that the entire canyon goes through some tunnel or huge double arch. I searched for the section of the canyon on Google Earth and it's pretty easy to identify the location, though I can't tell what's going on with the canyon. Check this out at different zooms:




Full size of all of the above. Click for more detail:

http://c0278592.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspac ... 588611.jpg

http://c0278592.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspac ... 588609.jpg

http://c0278592.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspac ... 588610.jpg

I've wanted to see this feature (whatever it is) up close for several years now.

All as I know so far is that there are at least two rappels in the canyon, that's it's mostly wide, but with one slot section (part of which you can get into below before coming to a 20+ foot drop) and that there's this weird feature in the canyon. I need a partner or two to go check it out. Basic climbing/rappelling skills will be required.

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by dsunwall » Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:39 pm

Looks interesting to me, I am looking for something to do this weekend. I sent a PM reply at

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