Feature: Route wishlist?

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Feature: Route wishlist?

by seanh » Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:15 am

I don't really know a good catchy name for this suggestion.

I think it would be cool if people could mark either routes, or objects (peaks, etc) as something they "want to do". The idea behind this is partner finding.

Obviously, many popular mountains/routes/etc may be old news for seasoned SPers. Partner calls, or forum posts for the nose, petit grepon, whitney, rainer, etc, would be tiresome for them. But obviously there are many budding mountaineers, climbers, and peak baggers, who are going to be eager to do the classics (or the obscure, this would be useful for either.)

My idea is that members could flag a route as something they have yet to do, and other members could see who has done this, and contact them. So, say you're looking to climb the knife edge on Capitol Peak, wouldn't it be great to see all the other people who want to and be able to reach out to them?

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