Mt. Whitney "conditioning"?

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Mt. Whitney "conditioning"?

by SteveC5088 » Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:21 pm


Did the the scout group get permits in the permit lottery? Without those, the trip is pretty much out of the question.

Reading through this thread, I get the feeling the scout troop might have some serious difficulty on the trip. You have leaders AND scouts without much hiking experience.

If they are going to do an overnight (or two) backpack, they need to make several pre-whitney overnighters just to shake out the bugs.

And they need to do several hikes with major distance and altitude before Whitney, too. That will show everyone which members are up to the grueling conditions Whitney will throw at them.

For altitude acclimatization, it would be best if the troop would head up and camp at Horseshoe Meadows at least two nights before the Whitney climb. They could day hike to the Cottonwood Lakes area (it is beautiful and easy), and the light hiking at 10 - 11k altitude would help with the acclimation.

If the troop and the leaders are not up to doing the preparatory hikes, the trip will definitely have some unexpected outcomes.

And finally, let me put in a plug for the Mt Whitney Hikers Association forums at There are several members there who are involved with scouts and major hiking, so posting there might get you some helpful info.

And the site carries a huge amount of beneficial information for Mt Whitney beginners in the Feature Topics box, especially the Orientation notes for Whitney first timers and What can go wrong on Whitney topics.

Hope to hear how it all goes.

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