mount saint elias

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mount saint elias

by figurenine » Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:45 am

I noticed that the 2nd tallest mountain in the US, Mount Saint Elias, doesn't have a page. Does anyone know a good source for info on a trip?

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by JScoles » Mon May 03, 2010 1:33 pm

I would suggest you give Denali a try a least you have a good change for that one.

I did try and put a page together a few years ago but it is very hard for this mountain as it is not one of the more popular ones around and even getting a picture of it is rather hard

It has only been summited I think less that 200 times at most.

Here is some quick beta on the climb

1) closest acces point 35~40km by pane
2) closest acces point by land 80km over a glacier
3) average sunny days per year <20
4) average snowfall at summit estimated 5~7m
5) mean monthly snowfall 1m~2m

I hope the above give you some idea of why the peak is not frequented by many.

Oh by the way this season should be a 'Dry' one as the last year was an 'El Nino'

That being said all that means instead of km upon km of snow to battle you have km upon km of 'ice' to battle.

I think the only deaths on the mountian in recent times where during a 'Dry' stage some one though it would be a good Idea to ski all the way to the sea from the top I think they paid for it with thier lives as it was ice from 5000m down.

The Dry years mean instead of snow it gets rain and cloud.

The only good write up on it I have is in 50 classic climbs of North America.

here is a rather rare pick of it in 'dry' condition[/url]

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