Desert clothing?

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by drpw » Thu May 06, 2010 4:13 am

MoapaPk wrote:
MikeTX wrote:wow, three pages and we're still trying to equate deserts with the great lakes. let me help ya out. if you look around and you see lots of water and greenery, there's a pretty good chance that you're not in the desert.

Ever been to Lake Mead? It's a big artificial lake in the desert, and when the hot wind blows on a summer day, the air quite near the surface is well below saturation. We also have a few natural lakes in the desert (Mono comes close, as does Walker).

Ever been down by Las Cruces? The desert there seems very green.

He did say "pretty good chance".

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by Yeti » Thu May 06, 2010 2:49 pm

MikeTX wrote:yeti, i guess i'm mostly having a hard time picturing where you would go boating in michigan that would require desert clothing.... smart people still wear typical boating attire...
Yes, though I am not a yachtsman so I'm equally ill-informed abotu boating atire. On top of that, "boaters" won't be doing the kind of physical work that I'll be doing. I've been boating, fishing, sailing, etc many many times, and I rarely get sweaty doing that because there's plenty of still-time. I'll be covering 40 miles of open water one tug at a time.

MikeTX wrote:i've never paddled lake huron, but i've been to michigan before. this is michigan.

Yes, that is inland michigan. This is also michigan:

Where I'll be spending my time, this will be my view to the north, east, and south (minus the sun):

My view to the west will be like this:
"Open water" has been mentioned repeatedly. :)

This is lake Erie: ... l/5027.jpg
This is Lake Michigan:
This is Lake Superior:

You really should check out the coats when you're up there, the Greak lakes aren't just big ponds. ;)

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by Yeti » Thu May 06, 2010 3:32 pm

MikeTX wrote:nice! seriously, that sounds like a fun trip. and with all that heat, you'd be a fool not to take a little dip. i suggest a swimsuit.

Long way from land to get separated from my boat. ;)

If you're a paddler and want to try some big lake, go to Black River (lower penninsula), just south of Negwegon State Park.
There's a park at the river mouth, follow the river out onto the lake and you'll have two islands to choose from. Paddle out to one or both and have some lunch or something. The waters here are very shallow and rocky, which has made for numerous wrecks int he are. Keep your eye out for debris, I've taken home a few trinkets from that spot.
Grass Island is about a mile out to the south, Black River Island is around 1.5 to the north.


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